How We Can Help

im-scared-of-what-he-might-doTelephone Support offers callers a confidential non‑judgmental listening service, where the caller can recognise if they are experiencing domestic abuse. They are provided with information on their options and the range of services available to them. A visit may be necessary when dealing with issues, which are not practical to discuss on the phone. All contact is strictly confidential.

Appointment based information & support visits are available Monday to Friday between 9.00 am – 4.00 pm. A woman can access the service to discuss her situation in a secure confidential environment. She will be provided with information on the various services she may need to make contact with i.e. medical, legal, social welfare and housing. We realise how difficult it may be for a woman who has experienced domestic abuse to decide what the best solution is for herself and her children and we try to provide her with the information she needs to come to a decision.

Court Accompaniment service is available to women who are pursuing legal options through the court system such as obtaining an order, breaches of orders and judicial or legal separations. It involves providing emotional support for a woman at a time when she may feel frightened and isolated.

Advocacy/Accompaniment is provided by staff to relevant services as appropriate.

Support Group for women provides an opportunity for women to come together in a supportive environment with other women who have or are living in an abusive relationship. This is intended to give women an opportunity to understand the dynamics of domestic abuse realise its effects on them and explore the choices to create change.

An Outreach Service is provided to women in a safe suitable venue in the community. This is particularly helpful for women who are not able to access the service in Monaghan or Cavan Town. Outreach is available by appointment only.

Referral to other Relevant Agencies is provided as appropriate to the individual woman’s need.

Referral Service for male victims of domestic abuse.