What Is Domestic Abuse

  • i-dont-want-to-be-with-himDomestic abuse is the intentional and persistent physical or emotional abuse in a way that causes pain, distress or injury to a woman or a woman and her children.
  • Domestic abuse is the emotional, verbal, physical, financial and sexual abuse of a person in a close or intimate adult relationship.
  • Domestic abuse can also include social isolation, ridicule, intimidation, manipulation, financial control and deprivation.
  • Domestic abuse is a pattern of power and control by one person against another, be it a boyfriend, girlfriend, partner, husband, wife or family member.
  • Domestic abuse is not confined to marriage, but may occur in any type of close adult relationship including other partnerships, families or households.
  • Domestic abuse occurs in families from every class, income level, and religious, cultural and educational background.

Abuse can happen at the beginning of a relationship or it may start later on. It usually builds over a period of time as the abuser gains more control and the victim’s autonomy and self esteem is eroded. It’s rarely a once off event. There may be good times in the relationship, but tension builds up again and the abuse returns. The abuser may say they are sorry and promise to change, but the promise is broken again and again. If the abuser accepts they are doing something wrong, and they take action to change, there is a chance that the abuser may change their behaviour. While this is possible, it does not happen very often. It is important to be aware that men can also be victims of domestic abuse.